Does failure make you or break you?

Posted: August 16, 2012 in A-Levels, Bible, Christian, Degree, Exams, Failure, Future, Gap Year, GCSE, Job Interview, Success, University
If you watched television footage around the time of Gadaafi’s death you would no doubt have noticed an incredibly brave woman in the thick of the Libyan civil war. While many journalists maintained a safe distance from the fighting we saw reporter Alex Crawford in a bullet proof vest and helmet keeping us up to date with the story as it unfolded. Afterwards we learned that her children sat at home watching on TV, texting her throughout the story and making fun of how grubby she looked due to lack of showering! Alex went on to win awards for being a voice back to Britain. However few realise that this multi-award winning foreign correspondent, who this year was awarded an OBE by the Queen, only landed her dream job in recent years. After applying for numerous posts around the world and not securing any of them apparently a close friend suggested she get the hint and abandon all pursuit of her dream job.

As many young people this summer receive their A, A-S level or GCSE results, not forgetting degree grading, it can be encouraging to hear stories of how people made it in spite of their failures. Winston Churchill failed at school yet went on to become Prime Minister and I have a friend who didn’t get high enough grades to study Medicine so took a year out to retake but has gone on to work as a surgeon. Peter messed up when he denied any affiliation with Christ three times, but in spite of this still went on to lead the Church of his time. The question is not whether we fail but how we respond to it.  Will we let it make us or break us?

Don’t give up because you could be one step away from your breakthrough!

©Maria Rodrigues-Toth


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